Tokens & Icons

European Coin Collection

55FF - French Franc 55 IL - Italian Lire

55GM - German Mark 55IP - Irish Pound

55SP - Spanish Peseta

55EG - Sterling Gift Set

58E - Charm Bracelet

Irish 5 Coin Bracelet
58IP - Irish 5 Coin Bracelet

In 2002, the Euro was introduced as a single currency for Europe, and most of the individual countries’ currencies were phased out. Whether remembering your family roots or a favorite vacation, these coins evoke fond memories of Europe in the 20th century.

Sterling Silver Collection

Cuff Links $150
Dutch East India Coin Cuff Links $195
European Gift Set 580
Euro Pendant 70
Charm Bracelet (Assorted) 180
58IP Charm Bracelet (Irish) 180
Charm Bracelet (Francs) 180

Specify Country: France (FF), Italy (IL), Germany (GM), Ireland (IP), Spain (SP).

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