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QWERTY Authentic Typewriter Key Pen
QWERTY Authentic Typewriter Key Pen
67 - Black Rubberized Barrel

Qwerty Typewriter Key Pen Box

personalized with your choice of 26 letters

QWERTY... the order of the first 6 keys on a keyboard, became the standard layout for typewriters in the early 1920's. The Qwerty Typewriter Key Pen allows for on-the-spot personalization with any of the letters from an authentic vintage Remington, Smith Corona, Underwood or Royal typewriter. We don’t know of a simpler, faster way to offer personalization... with an 80 year old artifact to boot!

Pen Barrel and Key Top Sold Together
67 Black Rubberized Barrel & Key Top (specify letter) $75
Ships with Schmidt Capless Rollerball cartridge.
Can also use Parker Style Ballpoint refill.
Qwerty Pen Refills
691 Schmidt P8126 Short Capless Black $5
692 Schmidt P8126 Short Capless Blue 5
693 Parker Style Ballpoint Black 5

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