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Taxi Medallion Clock
802 - New York Taxi Medallion Clock

Taxi Medallion Cuff Links

55TAXI - New York Taxi Medallion Cuff Links

There are over 11,000 taxis in operation in New York City... though at times it may seem far less. This is an authentic medallion, once riveted to a hood and licensed by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, the rider’s assurance of a proper fare and a safe ride. The medallion is mounted on genuine metal salvaged from taxis that are permanently “off duty.” Operates on a single AA battery (included).

This tribute to the iconic yellow taxi is a collaboration of Tokens & Coins, Graham Bergh of Resource Revival in Oregon and Boris Bally, Rhode Island metal artist extraordinaire.

Taxi Medallion Collection
802 Clock $135
55TAXI Sterling Silver Cuff Links 125

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