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Watch Collection

Watch Movement Cuff Links
55 - Watch Movement Cuff Links

Watch Face Bracelet
58 - Watch Face Bracelet

Watch Movement Cuff Links
14W - Watch Movement Cuff Links

Watch Movement Bracelet
58 - Watch Movement Bracelet

Watch Face Pendant
59 - Watch Face Pendant

Watch Movements

Mechanical watch movements have measured time for generations. Taken from watches of the early to mid 20th Century, the gears, levers and jewels reveal the secrets of synchronized precision. Set in Sterling and presented in a gift box with a Tokens & Icons authenticity card.

Note: Movements vary. Size & layout may be different
than those pictured, especially for the pendants.

Sterling Silver Settings
55W Cuff Links $160
55WC Cuff Links w/ Crown 160
55WG Cuff Links w/ "Gold" tone works 160
58WM Bracelet 230
Gold Setttings*
14W Cuff Links 14K Call For
18W Cuff Links 18K Pricing

Watch Faces

These authentic watch faces have measured time for generations of women. The bracelet features six antique watch dials set by hand in wafer-thin bezels with a Sterling toggle clasp. Due to two loops, the length is variable from 7.5 to 8".

Note: Faces vary in size, color and shape.

Sterling Silver Settings
58WF Bracelet $200
59WF Pendant 70
11-16 Venetian Necklace 16" 32
11-18 Venetian Necklace 18" 32
14K Gold Settings*
14WFP Pendant w/ Venetian Chain Call For Pricing

*Gold pricing is subject to change.

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